Kia ora – the advice above is spot on. This is about being in service not selling. You are helping meet pressing needs that are being felt right now so reach out and help.

I would suggest you outreach via email to the likes of school principals, counsellors, heads of sports you already know.
– Give them useful content – highlight the most common symptoms / issues you’re seeing and give advice / tips for dealing with each in turn.
– Include links to studies, videos you’ve got that are useful.
– You might be wise to offer a non-commercial offer eg a free lunch and learn, or free hour ‘coach the coach’ zoom session. This positions you strongly as being in service. (At the end of these sessions you could then mention your paid service offerings eg something more for individuals, parents, captains, coaches etc.)
– ask them to pass your email on to others in their network who would value from your services.

Go well