Hey there – I love the framing of your question about being useful. You’ve got some great advice so far. Being a customer myself of several pratitioners in this space and my advice to them, I’d recommend you:
1. Help people at home be self-practitioners. Micro exercises as Derek mentions. Ask them questions to ask themselves as they do it – what they notice etc.
2. If you’re on social, encourage them to share their experiences to build up the notion of sharing – this is about building your tribe. It also gives you valuable insight.
3. Be a thought leader – post / video / newsletter about the principles / science underpinning your service offering. There is more and more science coming out about the system interdependencies of our bodies and beyond that you can tap into, curate and hold a point of view on. This not only builds your credibility but it also helps validate to them why they go to you – which helps secure post lock down return visits and encourages referrals. It also strengthens your comms when you talk about your services and supports any accreditation application you’re going for.
4. Gather insight – engage with your clients and find out more about them – what they value the most from you, how they feel after seeing you, how their ailments have been alleviated from seeing you etc. This insight will help you with better targeting future clients as well as give you valuable testimonial content
Go well