Hi Pip,

This is great that you’re taking this challenge as an opportunity to swivel your business. We’re cheering for you 🙂

Lots of good advice coming through so far. It may be worthwhile to reflect on your bed and breakfast accommodation offering and think about who is your ideal target domestic customer that aligns to what you have to offer (your product). Is there an age demographic or values alignment (ex. sustainability) that you think would be most attracted to your product?

Once you have a target customer in mind, you can build your tactics to help attract that demographic. For example, if you were targeting an older demographic or families, bookabach might be a better platform to focus on; as opposed to Airbnb if you wanted to target more of a millennial age group.

You could also take a look at smart ways of using social media. Focus on the basics (Facebook and instagram) and building a presence so you can be found and people can share when they visit your gorgeous piece of NZ!

If a younger demographic is of interest to you; you could look at connecting with micro influencers in different regions of NZ to help build awareness of your offering.

Sing out if you want to bounce more ideas. Wishing you the best!