Hello, you might surprise yourself with the timing. As people reassess or are reminded of their values you could well find that this crisis brings opportunity for your business as families get focussed on budgeting and budgeting tools. Parents have become actively engaged in delivering their kids some form of education and it sounds like your practical and fun online tool is perfect. An oily rag won’t get you to far and Vickys comments above are really good. Media are looking for new content and positive stories so don’t be afraid to reach out to people at say the AM Show (Duncan or Mark), The Project, Hilary at Seven Sharp. As we come together more as community ensure your friends and social networks know all about what your doing and ask them to spread the word. Give them some free product so they can become advocates for you. I have no doubt a product like this is sadly missing from kids general education. Stay positive – you’re onto a winner.