Given that in this website, their must be many business owners whom have products or services.
If any business wants to setup while the site is still in construction beta mode, they can.
Businesses can begin setting up and have their mini store ready!
This will also help with beta testing.
Any business can contact me directly from the website.
It will be 100% free for every business that joins.
No purchasing can be done until the payment gateways is fully integrated.
But that is only a week and a bit away.
Only by coming together can we create a NZ Centralized Solution which long term will give a greater purpose for helping and communicating all sorts of community projects

Buy NZ made companies would be welcome to use Shopper. It would take about an hour to identify what categories would need to have a Buy NZ Made category and simply add it.
This so everyone can find products, then it is just a matter of populating that category with Buy NZ made products.