Hi Nigel,
It feels like schools could be distracted for a while, but definitely keep in contact, emails even the odd phone call to keep a good sense of focuses. A few thoughts in no particular order;
– could you offer a discount or incentive ensuring it doesn’t erode future sales. This could service any schools that go back or support essential services
– But possibly it is time to go direct. Many parents will welcome investment in this area. Are you set up for ecommerce, if not – check out squarespace, pretty simple.
– Then dedicate some funds to social/Native advertising (look to Canva to create) even go to health,family, sport media journalist and tell them your story, you never know, even offer to write ‘rec ideas for the week articles’.
– Any influencers you can ask to support (a few sports hero’s with little to do at the moment) who might be helpful, with kids, you may be able to make payment with equipment. You could suggest a social good strategy of every sale made, a ball goes to a child in low decile school area, they support a good thing.
– Content – Could you offer some of the schools some support for their recreation teaching. Some could be struggling. You put together physical lessons sheets they can post, maybe even a pre-recording that they can support with it? That content could also be used on social for posting too.
– Trade this for access to their newsletter database to parents with an offer for equipment to support these sessions.
– These same offers can of course also be put through clubs to their databases
– Native advertising is proving very cost effective, these are the ones seen in news feeds, they often have ‘sponsored content’ – Write blogs again ‘ideas for activites’ and it only requires an image/header plus you can test various different ones – targeting is very refined. This is available via programmatic. I have a contact here if want more detail.
– And finally the decision makers of your product are not all in social. audio on digital radio can be bought on programmatic too.
– make sure, tags on your site, goals established within google analytics so you can see what is working, and remarketing. (Google this or I can get you contacts)
– Final thought – partnership – work in with another product – food delivery?
– Could you go into the Australia market with a similar approach?
It’s lots to work through, so pick priorities and low hanging fruit, implement, test, move on or refine.
Happy to answer any questions