That does sound like a real challenge. My heartfelt advice is that in a situation like this, you have to try everything.A great Winston Churchill quote is ‘When you’re going through hell, keep going!’.Try to take some solace and a pinch of optimism from the fact that you looked to be getting to a better than break-even position before Covid hit. Talk to your bank, your lawyer, anyone and everyone who might be able to help. Often help comes from left field but you have to keep looking.

The fact that your product is somewhat reliant on tourism visitors adds another challenge but perhaps you can pivot to on-line, at least for that market?

I do feel the weight of having your house as collateral. Given you’ve invested so much in an idea that you so clearly believe in, don’t leave a stone unturned in trying to keep it viable.

This Covid era won’t last forever.

And if I come across anyone or any mechanism that might help you, I will be back in touch.

Best wishes.