Hi Leslie,

Thanks for making contact. Our business, Alpha Shuttles is a passenger transport business. We have a market that is currently approx 70% airport work, the rest made up of private charters for inbound tourists, wharf transfers for the cruise industry and corporate events transport. Over the summer season we do some wedding work.

There is a proportion of the airport work that is domestic. And we have grown the domestic corporate transport market (team events, away days, conferences) over the last 12 months.

We own the fleet, consisting of 12 Mercedes vehicles, six and eleven seats. We’ve spent the last three years investing back into the business to position ourselves for APEC and the America’s Cup, catering to a high end tourist market and corporate events.

The business has been one of high volume with low margins, to ‘keep the wheels rolling’ while we set it up to take on the private charter, corporate market, which would allow us a higher margin.

We have a large mortgage on the business which we have managed to hold off payments for the immediate term, we’ve stripped every cost we can, and budgeted and budgeted again, and can handle 2 months of no work at all…..by month three we have to be doing something – otherwise we’re lost.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. How do we maintain hope when we have no control over our situation?