Morena Devan – this is really – good – so not sure if you got people emailing you – but lets work out a few things – do you need anti-fogging machines to do this? If so, here is a link on the forum to someone who has those machines –

Second – we need to work out some target customers or customer groups – and then start approaching them to offer the service – if you know any schools or businesses who are already doing anti-fogging, try and find out who they use, where they get that service from, how much they charge – so you can work out what the market range is – then start approaching a few people – in our group of advisors we have some pretty well connected people – but before we ask them, it would be really good to do that market research, and also to draw up a one page summary of WRNZ can do for businesses around decontamination – and then we can approach them with you to see if they can help – put the word out.

Separately if you want to find out more about the market, see if you can come up with 5-10 questions to ask people around what they are doing right now or thinking about with this – use a tool like survey monkey (free) or just email – these questions are like market validation questions. e.g.

Resuming to Work, Decontaminating Your Business.
1. When you return to work, what do you need to do to get the business ready for you and your team to return?
2. Did you use decontamination services before we went to lock-down?
3. When you are back operating, have you considered using regular decontaminating services etc
4. and you go on ..

The idea is to engage with as many people who you think might be interested – shooting this out (questions could be better) and then reviewing the answers – the final question might be a statement like this

Thank you for completing this survey – it will help us greatly. My name is Devan from WRNZ. We have a great team of people who can provide a decontamination service and we would love to help keep your business environment clean and virus free. Would you like me to contact you to see how we can help you. Regards Devan ps lets keep it local!