Morena Mr Church – a few things (1) work out at which level you are going to be able to operate (2) think about your distance and health practices you can put in place to give comfort to customers and publish them on your web presence (3) start the planning now around how you can attract domestic travellers to come (4) build up content and start sharing it about the amazing experiences that Hot Air Ballooning can do for people – the ability to escape into the open air, the ability to see our God’s beautiful country from up high – and things like that – if you have customer testimonials, imagery and even better videos – load them and share them.

My one ‘but’ is once you are open, you are going to be spending money, costing to stay open – you just need to be sure that you will be able to attract customers in this market – it should be considered whether you ‘wait before opening’ for the levels to shift, and start building your audiences up – which just takes your time building your content and fan base up. Andy