You are definitely primed for the COVID19 lockdown! I would start by thinking about where you will get the biggest bang for your marketing spend the fastest. The first thing that comes to mind is large corporates who are subsidising/paying for WFH equipment for their employees. I would target IT departments and/or head of procurement, and potentially put together a pricing offer with strong value proposition of the importance of good quality audio/ear buds etc for team communication, and workplace efficiency.

As Gavin says, I would also potentially target the consumer market, as even when companies are not providing these subsidies, many people are looking for good quality options to be able to work effectively from home.

You’re going to need to think about tweaking your value proposition and messaging to fit your new audience to ensure that your advertising/content strategy is tailored to your audience, so I suggest spending time getting clear on your target customers (it will be different for a consumer vs. a head of IT/procurement), and what messaging and value propositions best suit their needs in this new environment.

I would then develop a content strategy via digital marketing to deliver a series of targeted messages specifically to these new audiences, potentially with a compelling offer to drive a call to action in a short time period. You’re in an amazing position to really capitalise on this if you move quickly!

Good luck~