Great news on the first studio. In terms of the second studio, I would take a step back and think through your options so you have a full picture before you enter into the negotiation.

What is your cashflow, and what can you afford to pay on this studio’s rent without any revenue from in-studio sessions? I would look at this on a one time basis, but also form a viewpoint on what this looks like if this situation continues for another 1-2 months. Ultimately this should be your guiding light in terms of negotiation.

There’s a concept in negotiation called (Best Alterntive To Negotiated Agreement) which effectively means understanding your Plan B. You can find more informaiton about that here:

I would recommend trying to determine what kind of rent relief other tenants have been able to negotiate with landlords in the same/similar location to your studio to also help inform you % ask.

Have you been able to transition your classes to online delivery in order to preserve revenue? That will at least give you the ability to deliver your classes, engage and retain customers, pay and retain your instructors, as well as generate revenue/cashflow.

I hope this helps~