Hi Kristy. I am just learning about kajabi and it’s capabilities for me to deliver some online training or modules on their. At the moment I have been sharing content throughout the pandemic and I usually share something every other day. I could probably do a few more posts where it’s me talking to my audience instead of posting images with captions which are still pretty thought-provoking. I guess doing a live with someone or alone could be an option I will look into doing one this weekend. In all honesty I don’t know where to start in terms of specific companies. I guess I I have talked to you a few people that said that what I have to deliver would be just as beneficial in the corporate space as well as the schools and community places I’ve been presenting to as well. Maybe that’s something I need to work on. I have a fair idea of who it could be four but I guess my issue is that I feel like it could be for anybody really. Probably more so parents wouldn’t these corporate spaces? I am currently refining my pitch and a sort of one pager that I could send out to potential customers. I like your idea about sending out a mini survey. I guess the thing I have to figure out as who these decision making people are that I can survey . your answer has been very thought provoking thank you so much but still so much to do on my end. I appreciate your time and would love to connect more if that’s possible in the future.