Firstly I would go back and re-negotiate your rent. Do you absolutely need to be based in that location? Ideally your landlord should be understanding. I have seen landlords giving up to 50% discounts on rent for commercial businesses, so ask for a significant discount as this will preserve your cashflow. If I were in your shoes, I’d be bold and ask for one month of no rent payments, the worst case scenario is that you get into a negotiation and meet somewhere in the middle 😉

I’m assuming your clients that work from home still need help with their dog walking? My understanding is that walking pets is still an allowed activity under lockdown. Is there a way that you can reach out to your clients to determine who still needs your services? I am sure there is a way to appropriately socially distance (ie tie the dog up at the letterbox at 10am, and a dog walker who lives close by comes by at 10:05am and collects the dog and walks it within the appropriate radius allowed by the NZ government.

I’d encourage you to think creatively about how you can still help your clients (and generate revenue) during the lockdown. Are there other services they need that can be done by your team within the lockdown guidelines provided by the NZ government?

The other alternative is to think about other services that can be provided by your team to potentially adjacent customers? For example, many seniors are scared, alone and struggling, afraid to leave their houses. Could your team offer services to these people (getting groceries for them etc), for a small fee? Or paid by their family members etc? It would help people in need, as well as give you the ability to have your team working and generating revenue for your business (and getting paid themselves).