There are a couple of things to think about here in my opinion. The first, and most pressing priority) is how are you going to pivot your business to be online based in the current environment? With social media usage on the rise during lockdown your work feels more important now than ever before. Are there certain at-risk groups / communities you could target? Could you record short clips/tips on how to minimize/manage social media usage that you could post and share? These are great for brand awareness, particularly if they’re engaging and are shared by others. How can you work to deliver your training / content via zoom or another virtual method during lockdown?

I think you could also be starting to target those Corporate clients during lockdown, as they are likely looking for ways to drive employee engagement and keep their teams feeling connected and well while they are working from home. Are there certain industries or sectors that you think would be more receptive to/benefit from these services? Who is the person you interact with in communities/AUT/DHB? What’s their role or job title? Where can you find people with a similar role/job title/profile in the corporate world? That’s where I would start your focus.

Once you have determined key sectors/industries and the role / job titles of your target personas, I would understand how they define the value you provide, and build a pitch document / presentation / proposal around this. Effectively you want to position your services in language they would use to define the problem that your company solves for them. This will help you to be understood faster and easier, as you’re speaking their language. Understanding where they find information in their day to day helps you determine which channels on which to focus, to ensure you maximize your marketing dollars. The easiest way to do this is to get on the phone with some of them (prospects), or send out a survey with a list of questions. Your timing is great, as there are likely people in lockdown with potentially time to spare, so you’re more likely to get them to answer. Consider offering a small incentive $20 grocery gift card, or donation to their favorite charity etc if you have trouble getting people to engage.

I hope this helps~