Morena Justin. Well done on reaching out for help.

Make sure you are focused on the 80:20 rule or you can be really bus with not much output. Create a quick matrix of your current clients and what services they might need, so you can go out to them with a targeted offer. To stimulate demand you might need to offer them a creative solution that might help them get back in business – something they might not have thought of – or offered them a discount or deferred terms.
Then make a list of possible new clients – who is doing ok in the environment and might need some help – might be a short list but there will be some on it. Then look into your network and see who might be able to give you a way in or endorse you.
Finally – who have you always wanted as a client. You’ve got time – pitch some creative usable ideas to some one you want to work with in the future. Give them a solution to a current problem. They might not be able to say yes now, but it is an investment in your future.
Finally and a little off topic – make sure you are chasing all your receivables in person. Make it hard for clients to put you at the bottom of the list and get paid for the work you have already done. Good luck.