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The most important thing right now is that you need to be a “Positive Realist”

Business is down for most that aren’t an essential service and this is going to be the new normal for many.

I have created a few LinkedIn posts on this over the past few weeks with some straight forward suggestions in what is hopefully a digestible form

1. The Three P’s
Invest in the Three P’s Right Now

I thought I would go a little deeper and share a little about what we will be covering in our upcoming online workshops for our KIC Accelerator Program Clients

Right now we need to think about the three P’s

Over service an communicate often to your Existing Client Base
Go through every expense line and strip out excess cost (including staff if needed – better to have a ship running at half speed than sinking with everyone on board)

2. Promote Online:
Visibility is key now to build a pipeline of goodwill (But Messaging is Key). The days of the hard sell based on fear and scarcity are never going to go away but businesses have got the biggest wake up call ever and you need to show value.

Pivot: Know your lane and go deep BUT what else can you do that is aligned with it. If you do something completely different that is not pivoting and it is dangerous

A wind up is not necessarily a bad thing, protect your war chest if there is no medium term opportunity. Protect cashflow and be ready to rejoin the market when you can

Strategies that SME can focus on with little to no budget right now. You have time so invest that time in creating content, working on your website SEO, Creating Lead Magnets

Give value today to build your list that will buy – create small bump offers to help identify the best prospects for higher ticket sales that you can approach directly

Link to the video that goes into more detail: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/glennmarvin_businessplanning-activity-6650128290629677056-qpdl

I have plenty of other posts there as well that cover tips, ideas etc and resources to help that would take far too long to type out