Hi there – marketing services businesses are generally badly hit as we go into a recession – first thing companies cut. This one is worse, because many many of your clients, I’d guess, have absolutely no ability to sell stuff to clients so no need for your services.

I’d look into your client base one by one, and identify any who still have a real need for what you do, right now – or have the resources to pay for you to do stuff now so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running when trading resumes. Then contact them with a specific proposal for how what you do will help them.

While doing that, be alert for patterns that identify a subset of your clients who represent a specific sector or type of business… and then start prospecting for similar types of clients, but again on a truly individual basis, perhaps with an example of what you’ve done for their type of business in the past and most importantly, why that will be relevant in the future.

And I know it’s not helpful right now, but your sector will change dramatically as we come out, and are you spending at least some of the time right now preparing your product and service offering for the new normal?

All the best