Kia ora, Tamati

Thanks for sharing your situation and I think this will be a landscape that a lot of entrepreneurs will be looking at.

The most important thing for me in an entrepreneur is credibility and a logical reason as to why you are pursuing this business model. A short-term pivot into a product that you may not be as passionate about, despite having lots of experience in it, is a bit of a red flag for some investors like me.

The essential product category will be a short-term thing and you need to decide what you want the business to be in the future. A short-term pivot to generate some needed revenue is more than ok, however you need to decide how you want to communicate that to investors. Basically, is this a health and beauty company or a food product provider? Confirm the end goal and then craft the message around it.

Also, don’t build a business because you think people will want to invest in it. Build it because you wholeheartedly believe in it and the problem you are solving for your customers. Investors come and go and do not know everything.

Happy to chat on Zoom if you want to explore further.