Congrats on thinking outside the square, and seeing how you turn this challenge in to a new business. Building on Jason and Melissa’s feedback, it would be great to understand from the 18,000 guests what makes your offering so unique and compelling. Given you have so many customers, you could do a fair amount of analysis on sub-segments within your existing customer base to see which market resonates the most with your concept, and how big that market is in a domestic context. It would be great to understand if the notion of “virtual hotel” resonates with them, as the way you describe your offering seems to be more about experiences and hobbies than the virtual hotel aspect. The hobby notion and matching hosts with a similar hobby seems to be the uniqueness of your offering, compared to other virtual models like shared homes or hosted B&Bs. Clarity around your offering and points of differentiation will be key to engaging customers in what will quickly become a very noisy and crowded domestic tourism space. Hope the concept rollout goes super well!