Hi there,

Thank you for the work you do in the mental health industry. It is important mahi and probably now even more so.

In the first instance (and you may have done this already) I would recommend applying for the economic subsidy as a self-employed person/contractor.

In regards to taking your content to a digital platform versus face to face workshops, there is high demand for online coaching services. Kale Panoho, of K&J Growth, spoke in the Manaaki alive podcast the other day about what small businesses could do to transfer their offerings online. Where to start, how to engage with the already existing communities and trial services or products for free while we’re in this current climate.

I’m by no means a digital expert but I recognise good advice when I hear it, and hopefully one of my fellow advisors might me able to get into more technical detail for you if Kale’s interview doesn’t help you start.

All the best!