Hi there – you’ve got some great advice so far. To build on Deb’s answer above, when thinking about the future, I would also recommend you put some thinking time to getting clear on where is the market opportunity is. Any thinking about your business model, the assets you want to protect, the decisions you make, needs to be IN RESPONSE to understanding what VALUE you bring to the table for your future customers. This is the premise of a Design Thinking approach. Which means:
1. What’s the market need you’re going for? what’s the market problem you’re seeking to solve?
2. Who are the types of people in this market that have these needs? How are they hardwired? What are their needs?
3. What value could you offer them – in product / service / experience – that meets their needs?

Once you’ve got this clear, you’re better placed to review your assets and see where potential matches might be to create something that is Desirable to them and Differentiated from others. And then after this, you can think about how you could monetise that (business financial model) and then lastly how you operationalise that (operating model).

Key to any kind of strategic review is Insight. Given we’re in a huge state of flux right now, with so many moving parts and structural changes, I’d recommend you find some time to be still and LISTEN. Ask questions. Read. Reflect. I find doing it first thing in the morning the best time before the day hits, but whatever works for you.
Go well