Thank you for your response Brianna,

It is very helpful it has really helped to confirm my gut feeling on what we should be doing and have been endeavouring to undertake. We have a small announcement banner on our website saying we are open but have resisted making announcements on social. We have been posting light and informative info on our social platform as we did not want to come across as you have stated out of touch. My wife is doing video blogs that have taken a little longer to get up and using Instagram stories of training and working at home.

Yes, I 100% agree skincare is an incredibly saturated market as we have learnt the hard way after coming out of the blocks hard we foundered due to the ability to support growth. In regards to doing both businesses, I have always been more comfortable in the food sector the beauty space is my wife’s expertise as a trained music teacher, makeup artist and performer. We partnered with good friend and business partner James Ehau who already had the fragrances and another food business who we were working within our wholesale of Virgin Coconut oil and Spices of Papua New Guinea. For the last three years, my wife Rebekah and I have been running Native Rituals on our own back here while continuing to support James and his Keto business in the USA with content creation when has needed it.

The jump into retail or B2C food is one we have long wanted to do but had been unable to as would have stood on the toes of retail partners we where supplying wholesale to. This is now no longer an issue as we pulled back from wholesale supply 12 months ago.

Our original drive into business was two-pronged one was to support Rebekah’s whanau on Misima Island in Papua New Guinea in bringing their agricultural product to market changing the perception of the country through food and to help the fight against type 2 diabetes within Aotearoa a preventable disease that has had a direct impact on my whanau with my Papa dying from diabetes complications in 1981 and a number of my whanau who have it and battle daily with this preventable disease today. The aim was at the start and still is to help reshape the NZ food sector and dietary guidelines so they are not operating from a harmful basis.

I think we can build the digital side of Native Rituals and the new Keto food biz giving us a chance to in some ways reshape our narrative for the new world that will emerge on the other side of Lockdown. Thank you for your reassuring advise. Appreciate your time and consideration