Hi Tamati,

Fundraising is a hard road, I’m sorry you’ve had this happen.

A couple of points from me:

1. Deals are most definitely still being done, so if it is possible for you to look elsewhere, raising capital is still an ption. Typically these guys have longer term thinking than 1-2 years and look past even crises like this. Particularly Asia-based investors.

2. I wouldn’t announce that you are classed as essential and therefore operating. I would be using social as a tool for education, brand building, content that is logical for you to post alongside your brand. I wouldn’t post anything overly product-y. I totally understand the anxiety around this and it’s well founded. Some brands look incredibly out of touch at the moment which will be a long lasting impression. But there are ways to get people engaged with your brand, leading to your website where you can then have a statement saying you have been officially classed as essential and that they can purchase if they want to. You need to be writing blogs and posting those.

3. The second question I suppose is really based around what do you want to do the most? As Anna said, can you do both well? Or should you just do one and do that brilliantly? Skincare is remarkably saturated, but there are absolutely ways to stand out and the opportunity is enormous. If you can do the ketogenic stuff full-time and run NR and build up your digital presence whilst looking for another investor… well why not? Have you actually really truly looked into it though, or is it feeling?