Hi Julia,
I love your “Look after Me” name and concept and the matching of people with like hobbies and can absolutely see how this would work for singles and couples wanting to meet new people and share their passion for whatever hobby they are into. And it might work for families too who take their kids away and want to know where to go and make new friends for their children as well.. Just a thought. I have to be honest though and say I get a bit confused when you talk about a virtual hotel… I think there might be a better way to get across the concept of sharing time with people who share hobbies… “Like Minds” “Hobby Share” as a few thoughts.. i think the focus should be on the experience of doing the hobbies together with people from the local area who also happen to host you in their accommodation.. not the other way round if that makes sense..
The concept of hobby based travelling is definitely growing and alive and well (well it was) overseas as you probably already know. As kiwis we tend to think we can do anything or figure anything ourselves in our own backyard but I think this is changing.. people are getting better at asking for help and advice and at reaching out to others.. connecting with strangers etc.. It might be worth seeing if you could collaborate with this guy Robert Bruce who runs a social enterprise called Got to Get Out which takes all kinds of people on theme or hobby based activity tours.. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11945220 Great guy doing great things and is backed by Torpedo 7.
I think with great promotion and well chosen hobby themes such as golf, gardening, etc this should go really well as people go on a “staycation” over the next few months. Have you also investigated the Tourism Lightening Lab funded and based out of Wellington.? https://www.lightninglab.co.nz/

Anyway just a few thoughts… I wish you the best of luck with growing your business. Jason