I joined this forum out of curiosity because I was at coffee and jam with Rob Vickery. I have been very impressed with the integrity, care and depth of the advise. Wow. Best of luck Soleil. Would your ideal customers always like to stay at hotels? Or would they like to connect with kiwis for a local experience? I have been trialing a Virtual Hotel idea for New Zealand. It is small and modest – we’ve had 18,000 guests through. The idea is self-contained units, carefully managed through a unified brand. Our point of difference is matching people through their hobbies, passions and interests. It is mainly for female single travellers, baby boomer and retired couples. What is your target market? We have just upgraded (not launched yet) our software, which enables us to collect a commission from each guest night and connect with In-Bouunds. We earnestly want to help re-invigorate the domestic tourism market – but we realise customers will be very cautious. We hope to trigger a spark around passion?