Hi Sally

Just to follow-on from excellent suggestions from John and Gavin, a couple of other thoughts:
– If you haven’t already engaged NZTE to help with your pursuit of overseas markets, I would recommend that to see how they can support you. If nothing else, that the the opportunity to revisit the NZTE ‘Export Essentials’, which are great resources to get you thinking about your market strategy: https://www.nzte.govt.nz/export-assistance/export-essentials-guides
– As both John and Gavin say, FOCUS is key. It is a big world and you have scare resources. I would suggest refreshing your market assessment in the light of the impact COVID-19 (at least at a high level). Some industries will fare relatively well (utilities, healthcare, food retail) many others will not. That might change your sector/market industry market focus.
– I would then be looking to update your first hand insight into the market opportunity, competitive environment in April 2020 and sales channels. Consider trade associations and folks in KEA, Kiwi Leadership Network USA to help gather information.

If you are going to offer your product for free then make sure that you are using the opportunity to gather information about, and build a relationship with, someone that you can convert to a paying customer in the future.

Be successful!
Chris Perfect