Good advice above especially on the soft ask.

Whilst I don’t know your business just wanted to provide some ideas. I haven’t screened these at all so they may not work for your community but in the interest of all ideas are good ideas whilst brainstorming here you go.

I have seen some baseball firms in the US (my son is big in to baseball) split their offering between free and paid. So they have provided free content, eg baseline drills, some coaching, etc. and then their higher offering is paid but at a reduced rate. This could be 1:1 classes, individual coaching, plan creation, etc. .

For example, do you have a stay at home base line plan you can provide for free for people but charge for an individualized plan? Could you set up small coaching classes that teach technique? Could you change the duration of classes, e.g. free is 30 minutes but 60 minutes is paid for? Could you film base exercises and/or a do it yourself plan and charge for that?

Have you gotten any data on how many of your 100 per day are regular members vs new to your gym? Maybe you get that data and that will inform you how you approach the ideas above?

I also think like many things as this goes on people’s expectations will change. If we got to level 3 on 22/4 and that may mean some gyms stay closed that could be a point in time for you to consider modify your offering and whether people pay or not.