Kia ora Sally

I agree with what has already been said but just wanted to add some insights that we are seeing within the Kiwi Landing Pad community currently.

For many early stage businesses / startups the reality of not having had a robust plan is only just starting to settle in and even then developing a recovery plan / adjusting an exisiting plan currently is a massive mental jump for many founders and owners still processing the enormity of the change to the world and their markets.

Many are reconfiguring their business assets in terms of the base elements of their company from the skills of the people to the base dynamics of their current market focus and trying to figure out how to fit that to another market or focus area not as aggressively hit by the C19 downturn.

It feels to me like there is a good opportunity for a tool like Business sorter to help identify and “re sort” their current plan or build a new one but I think researching the elements of just a couple of markets/industries and trying to get some relevance/traction to them is key – you can’t boil the ocean.

Many media channels are saturated with C19 “help” and discounted products and services so figuring out the cut through directly to those chosen industries/segments is key – as an example many industry associations and bodies are looking for tools to recommend to their members currently focussing on simplicity and rapid results from which to execute on.

While they will potentially see your outreach via media and directories I’d recommend looking at a more targeted approach to influential members of that market / association with a simple, empathetic message and business offer that leaves them feeling like Business Sorter could be a valuable quick solution for them or those within their community.

Remember in every downturn there are always companies and industry segments that are doing well – there is quite a good starter list to think about those here:

Noho ora mai