Hi Gavin

We have debated freemium and are about to offer that through a key partner relationship. We are undecided about Freemium in general so I do some more research and take it to my colleagues and have a further discussion.

We do like the partnership model so thank you. KPMG have been great to work and accountants who think more commercially seem to be very happy with the various benefits of using the tool. Perhaps it is best to stick to what we know.

Thanks for your comments re the product. Yes it takes quite a complex process and makes it simple and it is quite fun too (which I never found traditional planning to be). We love watching people who have never done planning create a great plan. It is also ideal for accountants and business advisers as they can add a lot of value by facilitating and participating. The structure means there is a level of consistency if you have people at different levels running the planning. It is also full of training and risk management prompts, which are always important but so key at the moment. Thank you for your ideas.