Oh sorry – have just re-read your issue and see that it’s a relative, not the employee themselves with the medical condition. On that basis, I think you need to outline to your employee the steps you are taking to ensure they can work safely and protect themselves so that when they go home, they are not likely to transmit anything to their loved one. (There are clear steps that health workers take for instance, to ensure minimum likelihood that they bring bugs into their home.). That could include the process you use to maintain the cleanliness of your office and the facilities you can offer for their self management- like showers, cleaning products, hand sanitiser etc. Ask them if there’s anything else you could reasonably do to make them safe and comfortable. If they won’t return to the office after that, then you’re back to my original advice to taking steps to end their employment. I still encourage you to get advice and follow a formal process. All the best. Fiona