The challenge here is finding businesses who are prepared to pay for this service, and oerusadongnrhem that they have a need for it.

Obvious industries in the immediate term are the essential services still operating – supermarket chains, financial services, government etc.

However, I’d suggest a more nuanced strategy than this going forward.

Think specifically about who your target audience is (size of company, industry vertical, etc) and then importantly what specific need your product addresses for them in today’s economy.

This is key because what might have been seen as an important service to pay for pre Covid could now be at risk of looking like a nice to have.

So how can your service be an indispensable solution to a problem that potential clients will now be facing? How can you give them the edge over their competitors and a better chance of thriving in a tough economy?

Once you’ve thought this through, validate your thinking around your proposition by reaching out to individuals (past/existing customers) and then think about how you might connect with people to build a sales pipeline.

Think about the short term and then longer term – once non essential businesses are back up and running, who might your service appeal to? What new needs will they have that you can address for them?