Thanks for the note. I remember reading about you in an article on Stuff some time ago. While my kids are closer to university than nappies love the product, the website, and the eco mission.

Assuming your have scrubbed your business to eliminate all discretionary costs for me the things that I would think about are:

1) I see that you have agreements with stores and sell online. Have you looked at % of sales by channel and determined which ones generate the highest volume and/or margins? If you know that would you push your limited inventory to the best channels to give you the best returns (assuming your wholesale contracts allow that)?

2) I would look at this as an opportunity to rethink your sourcing model. I have a friend who started a kids business in the United States who has now had to rapidly shift her production out of China (pre-COVID during US/China trade disputes). I know its a big ask and a big undertaking but it may pay to start that journey but maybe you can find someone that can do a simpler version of your products and get you going sooner.

3) If your brand is a draw for your wholesalers and you have social media and/or advertising still going on can you get funding from them for advertising their stores once we are out of Level 3/4 to your followers as a way to get some more money in?

4) If a wholesaler is sitting on inventory that you could sell online versus in store then sell the inventory on line, ship from the wholesaler to the customer, and figure out how to split revenue and/or shipping costs? Or better yet – if you have been paid for the inventory already pass through the money except shipping to your wholesaler to help them.

5) I looked through your website and you do have a lot sold out. A few ideas for consideration:

If you truly do not know when you will get inventory in you may want to consider whether you simplify how you present your product offering to just what is in stock rather than losing sales if people cannot get exactly what they want. This can keep up momentum.

If you do have an idea you can decide to let people backorder and be explicit about the date when they will know if the order can be fulfilled. This comes with a lot of logistics to stay on top of customer promises so think it through before doing it.

If you don’t want to commit on backorders maybe change your ‘Sold Out’ buy button to ‘Let me know when this product is in’ (or something simpler than that but I think you get the idea)? You can then build a database of potential customers that you can market directly to or figure out a way for them to add themselves to social media so they know the minute you are back up and running more normally.

6) NZTE has information on their website about import/export arrangements being made. If your supplier is coming back on line you may be able to take advantage of those resources which are air freight or find ways to piggyback on to partial ocean going shipments that may be coming in to the country already.