Hi, I assume you mean that you are buying a mortgage broker franchise, i.e. becoming a franchisee. If you have worked there for 2 years you will have had the perfect opportunity to do all the DD required to get comfortable. This decision is a long term play and shouldn’t be influenced significantly by what’s going on at the moment.
The first home buyer market will not go away and if you have developed a successful formula here, I’d suggest you continue to develop this market. However that said, what we are going through now will create opportunities, I believe you have identified a big one here – i.e. the refinance opportunity. This will allow you to work with customers when restructuring their debt/s and also supporting them if they need to downsize.
You may be able to develop customer clusters i.e. first home buyers, refinance customers and investors, and build expertise that specifically relates to supporting these groups. When marketing to them you should use specific messaging that relates to each of these clusters – this will help to make better connections.
You should view the market downturn or turmoil as a wonderful opportunity for you to build your business. Good luck, what a great opportunity and all the best.