I can hear the worry in your note. It’s such a challenging time for you – and I’m glad you’re seeking out professional advice. I encourage you to call MSD asap to advise that your situation has changed and you are no longer able to support your employees at 80% of their income as you thought when you applied for the subsidy. You will then need to decide if you are able to retain your employees, and conduct a consultation to advise them of what you propose, and liaise with them in good faith on those changes. Sadly, you may need to consider proposing redundancies if you are unable to come to an agreement with your people. I encourage you to consider some professional support on the HR side, either an employment lawyer or experienced independent HR consultant, to help you tailor your options and run a fair and transparent process. Also have a think about the support you need for you. Do you have a mentor or someone who will understand your business predicament – who can listen and be empathetic as you work your way through your options. Your health and wellbeing is very important too. Take care and best wishes for your next steps. Fiona