Knowing your business a little I would not recommend TV at this stage.
Look at completely upping your social game to start with including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (even LinkedIn believe it or not)

Video will be key and you can create a cross section of content from hero videos like TVC’s through to more informational ones breaking down the conversion process in NZ as well as your servicing model etc.

Join US based Tundra vehicle owners facebook community groups and connect with others there getting permission to share their images and possibly their own experiences wit their Tundra
Showcase NZ conversions you have already completed and interviews with those owners

Story sells – become a Tundra/lifestyle story teller that will build affinity in the market.

Vehicle sales are a slow burn when you are at the premium end and new to the market so you need to build that audience and affinity with the brand showcasing why it is special.

Identify three “Voice Pillars” you want to resonate through all your content (at Konnector our voice pillars are Trust, Education and Aspiration – Every piece of content we produce needs to go through that filter. Is is either going to build trust, educate or showcase work that others will aspire to emulate or be encouraged by).

Then each month build a list of 3 Subjects (Categories) per Voice Pillar you can concentrate on and 3 individual and very specific topics per subject.
EG This month under Trust for Konnector it is quite simple One “Subject/Category” is Live streaming Advice & we are conducting live interviews every weekday with business leaders to share their knowledge with small business owners. Another Subject under trust is “Our Journey” and we are talking about how we are coping over the Lockdown period and things we are implementing ourselves

If you follow the 3 x 3 x 3 rule here you end up with a min of 27 Posts/content pieces per month that can be syndicated across multiple platforms giving you hundreds/thousands of exposures to your audience organically.

When you then see what resonates with your audience you can start putting some $$ behind those posts to increase reach and constantly testing results.

Using video you can actually run Thru View Ads on facebook which you don’t have to pay for unless people watch more than 15 seconds of your Ad (How cool is that). You can then get really clever in targeting and only show more ads to people that have watched more than 15 seconds of previous Ads – in effect creating an advertising funnel that gets more and more targeted so by the time you actually ask for them to take a specific action like download a Tundra Brochure they are already hot prospects and ready to take action.

Typical sales ads like TVCs don’t work as well on social as we are selling in a social environment and we need to build the resonance with our brand before the ASK.

Hope this helps mate