The Tundra is a great truck, I used to see them a lot on my trips to the U.S and wonder why they hadn’t made it to NZ yet. In many regards I think you have an incredible opportunity that the Ford Ranger has set up for you by becoming NZ’s top selling car. Especially so since there are a lot of aspects of a well spec’d Tundra that trump the Ranger in my personal opinion, not least of which is the trucks aesthetic.

I say all of this because in my opinion TV is the last thing you need to be doing right now. It definitely has its time and place in your marketing mix but trying to compete with the Ranger for 3% of the market (probably less now) that are ready to buy, on a platform like TV is the quickest way to loose your shirt, and will do very little for sales and brand awareness in the current climate. You’re in an episode of survivor now and to be the last Ute standing you’re going to need to play it super smart and leverage digital to its fullest capability to win. My recommendation is to play the long game and employ a strategy to gain market leadership of the category online over the next 24mths by doing the following.

1. Hire an SEO expert on a platform like Upwork to conduct an SEO audit of the top websites for Utes in NZ and develop a strategy that you can employ over the next 24mths to beat them. If successful you’ll get the Tundra on, or near the top of every google search in your category. It takes time but in a small market like NZ it’s achievable and the long term benefit to your business will be huge.

2. Set up a YouTube channel and become prolific in the production of content about the Tundra. Employ the three C’s approach of Create, Collaborate and Curate to populate your channel. Create in-depth high value content that goes into the detail of the truck and why it’s better than then Ranger, make believe you’re in your own episode of Top Gear and do adventure videos in the Tundra. Then collaborate with other channels or influencers in your target market to co-create and share each other’s content. Then finally find all the coolest videos in the world on the Tundra and post them to your channel. Now here’s the important part – as you get into the cadence of producing good content take snippets of the best content you have and run trueview campaigns with them based on people that have searched for key terms in your category on Google, this will have the effect of maxing your YouTube SEO and is a good way to insert your truck into the consciousness of buyers that have been thinking and searching for a content on the Ranger but all of a sudden end up seeing your Tundra videos where ever they go ?. Also make sure that you employ best practice in terms of titles, descriptions, tagging and thumbnails and again within 24 mths you should be highly ranked in all YouTube searches. So why on earth do you do all of this? Because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and also pretty easy to own in a market like NZ.

3. Part of your SEO strategy from step one will involve building a rich content hub and series of pages for your range of trucks, these pages will be the holy grail of content for anyone searching for content on the Tundra. What’s important here is that these pages have your Facebook pixel and other relevant tracking codes installed so that once people leave your site you can continue to pull them back into your funnel with more rich content. What’s also super important is that you have a lead magnet to capture an email address. This is typically achieved through a high value piece of content like a white paper on “10 Ways the Tundra beats the Ranger in performance and value for money”. Once you capture an email then you own that relationship and you can begin to build personalised customer journeys based on content that leads the customer to the point of conversion and gives your sales team the context to have powerful sales conversations throughout that process.

That’s it, employ that strategy for the next 2 years and I’d say at worst you’ll be number 2 in the category online in 2 years and quite likely no.1. And better still you can achieve it for the cost of a well produced TVC and media plan that would have delivered you a fraction of the value.

If you’re Someone from Ford and you’re reading this sorry but NZ Tundra is coming for you ?. @nz-tundra you can thank me in two years by dropping off a fully spec’d TRD Tundra to my place in two years time ?- L8trs Pat sorry about typos did this on ph and I have fat thumbs.