Totally agree with Chloe. The need for your services will increase. There are lots of people that do want to help in the communities. Perhaps you could reach out on local Facebook groups in Napier and in the Hawkes Bay (ie Napier News or Napier Community News and Views and a few others). It is likely that businesses may struggle with cash support right now and for some time to come, and may be more willing to offer support in kind, such as tech services or digital marketing or PR. Perhaps reach out to the businesses that have the specific skills you need to pivot to online and to increase your social media presence and general awareness. Suspect there will be a lot of people that have been cleaning out their closets during their time at home, so getting supply may not be an issue! You may need to engage with this group to ask them to hold their clothes until lock down ends, and perhaps you can create a database of willing donors that you can engage with after lock down. Best wishes, great initiative and great you reached out.