Hi Teuila, a tricky situation indeed. Empathy is key in the situation, from all parties. Ideally, you will be able to retain the deposit and let her know it can be held for when the wedding does occur, hopefully in 2021. I am not sure on the contract you have in place and can’t advise on the consumer laws, imagine it will be different if the borders are open and she chooses not to come vs the borders being closed to foreign visitors. Perhaps, try to work through a compromise, and if they are insistent on a refund, suggest you have that conversation in a couple of months when it is more clear on the border restrictions both in Australia and NZ. Or, suggest a 50 / 50 split, that you keep half of the deposit (depending on the amount) given the work you did in scouting the site, storyboard development, etc. Might need a legal expert for the legalities on no refund, but right now it’s probably best to work through a compromise.