Hi Malcom,

An all-out linear TV campaign will be expensive and require commitment. Perhaps this could be considered further down the track. You can still buy and reach TV audience via Programmatic and reach Connected TV audiences. These are people who are viewing with a smart TV or gaming device – Xbox etc. The benefit of this type of audience buying is that you can place ads in real time, apply data to really hone to an audience and not be committed to spending a large budget. You can stop, start, pause and optimise when you want.

I would also suggest video content placed in Social – Facebook, Instagram etc as well as Native ads. Native ads can take a person to a Tile that had additional Video content before they click to the site. Video can also be used in large format website display ads called Billboards. They are 970×250 and considered premium content. As with Connected TV, these placements are all made through the same platform so can be optimised to best results. Commitments are not set in stone so can be stopped, started and paused when require.

On your website think about a way to capture database, and when timely on push to test drive.
You need tags/tracking put onto your site to measure results.
I have a good person to talk to if you need on all above