Hi there,
I checked out the website which looks great.
Car advertising is a slow burn and crosses over brand and retail communications.
Brand ads raise visibility and normalise the products – it just needs to get people thinking ‘that’s a great looking truck’ and that’s it.
The retail side is normally done in other channels because you need to get more information across, and re-target leads.
Sometimes there’s a branded-retail (Bretail) approach when there’s a deal attached to a brand ad – Subaru and Nissan use this approach.
TV is a great medium for building awareness and showcasing the product. Not so great at bringing in leads and talking about details product benefits and so you’d need to support TV with other channels to do this. Digital display and social are good for this but it depends on what you’re trying to achieve.
At present, media buying is cheap because demand is low, and audience numbers are high. So it would be a good time to investigate this further.
Now is a great time to invest in building visibility for your brand.
Do you have an existing TVC/ creative work ready to go from the North American market or are you looking to create your own? Either way, agencies are geared up to adapt existing creative or create new work.
I have a couple of recommendations depending on your budget.
1. Angus Hennah at ampersandcollective.co.nz is a creative director who spent years working on the Holden brand and set up his own shop last year so would be cost-effective
2. Nathan Cooper – a creative director who founded corpstudio who specialise in creating content in multiple formats
An alternative would be to go for a bigger budget ad agency like Special Group or Saatchis.
If you just need help with media buying there’s a lot to choose from.
Hope that helps but happy to let you pick my brain further if you’d like to. I’ve worked as a strategist on Holden so have a bit of knowledge in this area.
Best of luck