Kia ora Family Centre,
Firstly, well done for creating such an important charity. It is likely that a demand for your services will increase. Now is the time to pivot your retail shop online. See if any of your volunteers are computer savvy and can start creating an online shop for you from home so it will be ready to go when we come out of lockdown. If you have any photos of your items, upload them, you could even look into pre-orders, or vouchers. Tell your story through social media and ask your local paper to run a feature. Now is the time to engage with your community and your customers. Can you run any of your courses online? If so, could you engage with other customers that would be happy to pay for the service? Perhaps a customer could pay for themselves and for a vulnerable family. Yes, ask businesses for sponsorship, you could start with some of the larger businesses that are not struggling.
Take care and keep reaching out.