Love these bags – congrats on such a great product. Some great answers above as well.
I would suggest the outbound calling could possible be handled by someone else especially if this is just a ‘re-stock’ conversation.
Rubbish is a huge thing at the moment with people being at home more and generating more waste so I hundred percent agree that there is huge need right now for your products. Have you thought about direct delivery?
The other option would be to look at stores/online that you don’t currently sell through and our outside your current remit. A lot of retail fronts are looking to obtain increased essential products right now so they can ‘sell more’. Places like The Warehouse and others like Mitre 10 would no doubt love to chat (if not already) so they can increase the number of essential products they are selling. Maybe look at getting the phone calls to stores for re-stocking done outside your own business and then use the rep resource as BD resources around the country to tap into new distribution channels – this would enable the business to grow long-term as well.