As someone who uses your bags I am intrigued to figure out how to help especially as I was looking for them yesterday at our local Countdown. This isn’t technically my area of expertise but see below for some ideas.

Are your reps responsible for checking on inventory by store and then replacing them as needed?

My ideas:

1) Double check you cannot enter the store – as an essential services provider I would think you could still provide services. I have a friend who fixes ATM’s and self-checkouts and they are still entering supermarkets.

2) Is your contract by store or with Countdown head office? Weekly sales data by product I would assume is a knowable data point. Could you get data by store and drop off replenishment bin liners by store and then charge?

3) Can you outsource the calling function or at least centralize it on your team at night to get data, pack up orders by store, and then have reps deliver? You may need less reps on the road if you have the data needed already for delivery and so could keep the same hc just redeployed into different roles.

4) This may be an interesting opportunity to think about starting an eco friendly website or participating in one that collects together multiple products (keep cups, etc).

Hope something in the above is helpful.