and here is one more update around the difference between RealMe ‘verified identity’ and ‘login’ –

“The 2 RealMe offerings can be confusing.

Aa RealMe login is something quite different to a RealMe Verified Identity.

A RealMe login is a user name and password that you can use to access a range of government services online – slightly like how people use their google account details to sign up for multiple other services in the private sector. It saves them from having to have multiple logins.

A RealMe verified identity is something quite specific – a RealMe identity means that you have verified exactly who you are – you need to have provided information like your birth certificate or passport. This is used for applying for services like your first adult passport or your student loan.

Government doesn’t require that level of verification for the essential goods register. We know that the person owns the business because they are able to login via RealMe to their NZBN which means we know they run the business.”