Hi there. Restructuring needs to start with a clear vision of what you propose to change, and why. If those changes would impact your team (such as a change of hours) then you’ll need to formally consult with them on your proposal – and consider their feedback and ideas in good faith. There’s a useful website with lists and examples that you may find helpful. https://www.business.govt.nz/hiring-and-managing/getting-the-best-from-people/team-restructuring/
If you can afford to do so, getting an experienced HR consultant (there are lots of independent consultants around at reasonable rates) to give you a hand, or at least check your documented plan and proposal to make sure you do everything by the book before you begin to talk to your team, is a worthwhile investment. It costs a lot more to defend a personal grievance. These things are never easy, but if you do it with kindness and treat your people with dignity and respect, you’ll be on the right path. Good luck! Fiona