Hi Andy,
Thanks for that. I separately found some advice today on page 38 of a 40 page covid 19 q&a document for tax agents the IRD prepared on 3 April (and which is on their webiste) that clearly states more specifically that “the income (for self-employed or sole traders) qualifies as ‘compensation’ for the purpose of section CG 5B and can therefore be returned in the income year which the income being replaced would have been derived. In practical terms this means an amount received prior to 31 March 2020 can be spread if it relates to income that would have been dervied after 31 March (the 2021 year).” That’s a direct quote. In this regard, for me as the decline is forecast for April none of it needs to be apportioned for March. It can all be apportioned from April. But even a three day apportionment for the 2019/20 tax year is a far better outcome. This is a great relief and I’m glad the IRD have changed their initial position – as sent to me in writing. It makes far more sense and is much more equitable. I realise the speed of all of this has left a lot of institutions catching up on all the implications for each business type, so it’s great to see some quick movement on this as it reduces the stress and allows us to plan. Thanks again for all your help and for continuing to follow this up.