Hi Mia, there is some great advice above from Anna. To add to this, it’s clear that you cannot sell for now…but you can engage your target clients and try to turn a cold audience into a warm one. Your focus can be on entertaining, engaging and generally adding value to your audience. I assume you already have the Facebook pixel installed on your website to track website visitors? Do that first if not.

If you make your goals from this lockdown activity to: make people smile or add value to them; get engagement on your FB/Insta posts via likes and comments; get people to your website. Then after the lockdown you can create warm audiences of 1) all those that engaged with you on FB/Insta during the lockdown and 2) everyone who visited your website. When you can sell, you can sell to these audiences whom you have already built a digital relationship with and added some value to.

So focus on building a positive, warm and engaged audience now, who are more likely to do business with you when the timing is right.