Some excellent advice from Andy, Leslie and Glenn, and to reiterate the point about using this time to inspire and not sell yet.. too early and risky for you.. and them. Time to stay in engaged with past customers, look at what domestic opportunists there are as well as cross Tasman as I think this will be the first market to open up again..

Following on from Glenn’s great thinking about domestic.. Family travel is not something I believe has not been focused on or well thought out in this part of the world.. Maybe this lock down has brought families closer together and made people slow down and realise what is really important to them. Maybe multi generational travel will become a thing in Australasia like it has in parts of Asia and Europe…? It is a challenge as we tend to have a “we can do domestic travel ourselves” mindset.. Think why we used to travel to places like Fiji and Bali and see if the same deep down wants and needs can be delivered in different destinations locally, potentially at great prices in the short term.
Think differently and best of luck!