Hi Soleil, great questions. Certainly tourism has fallen off a cliff and likely to take quite some time to recover. It will likely recover first domestically, then between Australia / NZ, then in to Asia before the rest of the world. I support all the great comments from Andy, spot on. Right now, it’s time to build connections and engagement with your target market of previous customers and likely potential customers. There is too much uncertainty and unknown for people really to be thinking of future travel. You may need to wait until people are out of lock-down and moods start to lift back up. In the meanwhile, keep inspiring your customers and keep them connected to you. Are there ways you can pivot your business for domestic travel, or Trans-Tasman travel, as those are likely to be the ones that open up the quickest. You’ll need to be sensitive to the price point of your packages, as people will likely be quite conservative in the short term. Suspect it’s hopeful to secure a deposit now, given the levels of uncertainty, but maybe something to consider once people are out of lock down and the economy picks up again. Great you are thinking about how to pivot the business. When you have the will, you always find the way.